Monday, September 27, 2010

i stepped out for a second.

i've reluctantly taken a break from blogging or for that matter posting any new work online for the last few months. i've been super busy and finally hit a solid string on my productivity-gee-tar. i'm glad to be back in school and my life is busier and crazier than i can ever really remember. but most importantly, i'm really-really happy with everything that's going on right now. i got a cat named stint, who i am madly in love with. i feel like i discovered an entirely whole new world! i've had trouble sleeping for about the last 3 or 4 months which has been pretty strenuous but i'm working through it. i think i might as well embrace the fact that i'll have raccoon eyes for the rest of my life. living with two girls has been interesting, that's only been for about 2 months-ish. i got a twitter...that's pretty cool. i really miss my dogs. i've made a few really new and exciting relationships. i've been working on a collaboration with brad fischer called: from our balls to your walls. and it's been super-awesome. our biggest concern with it so far is that we may make too much money. but we'll worry about that when it starts to pour in. 62nd dimension (cody frei & ben miller) and small space (sara caron & brad fischer) have really been doing a phenomenal job in the milwaukee art-world as of late. so if you like the arts and you like weekends you'll love what these guys and gals are doing. i've also been pretty insatiable towards peanuts lately, they are just sort of the most amazing food/snack/thing ever! i've rekindled my love for fugazi so that's been fun.

i have too much on my plate right now, more than words could ever do justice...
so if i come off as a jerk within the next few months, look here for somewhat of a valid reason as to why. ( <----not literally going to post reasons fyi)

stay close to see the new work here & @

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